About Us


BlueTree is a homegrown brand helping creators to launch their merchandise and connect with their audiences like never before. It was started by the founder, Varun, when he realized that the creators in India lack the tools that can  help them in taking the creator-economy forward. We at BlueTree are following our passion to help artists and content creators in launching their merchandise with no upfront costs and sell products that are of best in class quality. We are driven by our love for the growing Indian creator market, where the people are working harder than ever to create content and at the same time the audiences are becoming more and more connected to their favourite creators and in this booming market, BlueTree is trying to established itself as the most trusted channel when it comes to selling products to any creator's beloved audiences.

 About the founder - 

Varun is a college student and a content creator him-self, likes to think of new entrepreneurial ventures and content that can make big impact! Connect with him by sending us an e-mail with subject being 'Hi Founder'.